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therapeutic listening

with Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa


Be glad of your inner strength because is the core of your health. Hippocrates

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Focusing on conscious listening is an invitation for us to create a contact with our suffering side.

We pay attention to what is urgent to be told about our lives, freeing in this way our global vision.

Conscious listening is a method of self-knowledge that puts us in charge of our own happiness.


Thanks to a delicate attention to everyday gestures, the body reveals itself like an open book, and speaks to us beyond words.

See also in  Zen and Dance the revelations in every gesture.

Mindfullness posed on sensations and perceptions without judgements sets the true vital strength free.

Inner strength

What the results?

We find again a fresh, new spirit, we open ourselves to an intimate dimension with our existence,

Awakening into the reality of interconnection - non separation from the other beings.

We find out that is in our own nature having the courage to immerge ourselves in the complexity of life.

We finally get to feel gratitude toward ourselves, a breath of a free-minded vision that activates our creative potentials.

We become friends of ourselves together with the possibility to live with ease the way we are and think .

We activate a revolutionary relationship with the others, winning in this way the challenge of embracing diversity.

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Meeting an impartial listener who is there to be helpful, creates a space in which to grow naturally,

is in itself a breakthrough producing amazing results.

"To live life fully, means to take care of your life day by day, moment to moment, right here, right now. " Zen master Dainin Katagiri

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